Cheikh Mouhamed Foued Abdelmajid

Current Functions

  • Director General of the Association of Quranic Studies in Egypt
  • Member of the assembly of education in the section of Quranic readings at the world university of Medina
  • Director of Sheikh Al-Ma’sarawi Centers/Institutes in Quranic and Global Academic Studies of the Noble Quran in e-learning
  • President of the Quranic readings section of the association, the Quran Al-Karim group
  • Reader and certifier of the ten minor and major readings
  • Lecturer in the Quran and Quranic readings, member of the jury Quranic competitions

    Higher education and religious

  • Master in Quranic Readings at the World University of Medina
  • Institute of Teachers of the Noble Quran at the University of Al-Azhar in Egypt
  • Institute of Quranic Readings at the University of Al-Azhar