ALFAWZ to learn to read, write in Arabic and memorize the Quran with the rules of Tajwid

My learning path is punctuated by several encounters.

Cheykh Ali Abou Chadi accompanies me in my beginnings and encourages me to become a teacher. When I arrived in France, I met his teacher, Cheykh Ahmed Issa Al-Ma’saraoui who also supported me and gave me permission to teach (tazkiya).

“May Allah reward them for giving me the courage to transmit these sciences in my turn.”

Al FAWZ KHADAMATE project created in 2016 face-to-face and since March 2019 remotely. This project aims to teach non-Arabic speakers to read, write Arabic and pronounce the Koran correctly by mastering the rules of Tajwid.

Moualima Soumaia

If I have planted my roots all over the Mediterranean, first in Morocco, then in Spain and now in France, my most faithful travel companion has always been the word of Allah.

In my twenties, I embarked on the longest journey of my life, devoting myself fully to reading it.

memorization of Quran and tajweed. I usually say that it is not us who master the Quran but rather He who masters us and it is for this reason that until today I am working on the perfection of these three sciences.

It is a responsibility that I take very seriously and that opens the doors to new projects. In 2012, I obtained my Nouranya trainer diploma and I continue to train with different chuyukh including Cheykha Salwa and Cheykha Amelle may Allah bless them.

grew for nearly 10 years and materialized with the help of parents when Al fawz was born in 2015.

First with a class of fifteen adults, then quickly with dozens of mothers and children, we achieved learning in record time and with great application. My plans for this new adventure are flying! To maintain the motivation of the youngest, Quran competitions are organized and show a very good general level!

I develop an effective pedagogy for Arabic and non-Arabic speakers with the objective of adapting to students in order to transmit to them love and consideration for this Noble Liv

While the association is acquiring new premises and a gala is being prepared, the health context is disrupting our projects and forcing us to develop Al Fawz differently.

2017: marks a great turning point in my career since I become a student of the eminent Sheikh Mohamed Fouad Abdelmajid by the grace of Allah. It is with his help that I get my ijaza qira’a wal Iqraa’.
These events encouraged me to complete my knowledge and I obtained an authorization to teach the Sira according to the kitab of Cheikh Juhani.

With the support of the association’s volunteers, I managed to bring Cheykh Mohamed Fouad Abdelmajid to France. His visit is an opportunity to organize an intensive tajwid training translated into French for adults but also Quran competitions for children. Cheykh is very enthusiastic about the quality of recitation of our students and honors us by making Al Fawz a branch of his academy.

The demand is growing and I choose to set up a teaching team. For this, I surround myself with sisters in whom I trust and who share my convictions to train them and open new classes by applying my method.

llah has allowed me to edit my own educational materials and Cheykh Mohamed Fouad Abdelmajid validates the content.”

The end of face-to-face courses has been definitively announced and online teaching is taking place.

A page is turned but the story continues with fewer organizational constraints and unchanged results since March 2020 while staying comfortably at home.

We are taking up the challenge of online monitoring and continuing to improve in order to achieve the best results for our students.
The development of online courses has enabled Cheykh Mohamed Fouad Abdelmajid to get involved and supervise competitions remotely on Zoom. Finally, our own platform is being developed to meet the needs generated by this new way of transmitting.

Hand in hand, we walk the path of Allah with the intention of His satisfaction and return to Him in paradise.”


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