Opening of registration for Quran and Arabic language courses - 2022/2023

Al Fawz is finally opening registrations for the 2022/2023 school year Your children will be able to learn the Quran and the Arabic language online with quality teaching and recognized and effective pedagogy.


Learn to read, write in Arabic and the Quran

ALFAWZ to learn to read, write in Arabic and memorize the Quran with the rules of Tajwid My learning path is punctuated by several encounters. Cheykh Ali Abou Chadi accompanies me in my beginnings and encourages me to become a teacher. When I arrived in France, I met his teacher,…

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Cours Collectifs (en fonction de votre niveau et votre disponibilité)


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Cheikh Mouhamed Foued Abdelmajid

Current Functions

  • Director General of the Association of Quranic Studies in Egypt
  • Member of the assembly of education in the section of Quranic readings at the world university of Medina
  • Director of Sheikh Al-Ma’sarawi Centers/Institutes in Quranic and Global Academic Studies of the Noble Quran in e-learning
  • President of the Quranic readings section of the association, the Quran Al-Karim group
  • Reader and certifier of the ten minor and major readings
  • Lecturer in the Quran and Quranic readings, member of the jury Quranic competitions

    Higher education and religious

  • Master in Quranic Readings at the World University of Medina
  • Institute of Teachers of the Noble Quran at the University of Al-Azhar in Egypt
  • Institute of Quranic Readings at the University of Al-Azhar
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